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There are just two things  you will need in order to apply for the Dreamsight Guild. You will need to be able to be a person of great merriment and you must be a Druid. Yes. This is an all Druid Guild. Can you even imagine anything more entertaining?!

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*Don't forget to read the first post before you post ur application.* ^^
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We are a World of Warcraft PvP/PvE guild.
Realm (EU): Executus  PvP.

We, who are against the evil, 
are the balancers of nature. 
We are the Druids of the Dragons.
We, who are against the evil, 
are the balancers of nature. 
We are the Druids of the Dragons.
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            Come join us! You need to be at least 85 of course (in which case you must have good enough gear) for Firelands normal
      or Firelands Heroic or even Heroic Dragon Soul, & you need to be on the Executus realm :)  
           Please apply via this form!

Interested in joining us for a fun run through Firelands normal or HC, or Dragon Soul HC?      

Does anyone miss Firelands? Or want some interesting transmog gear? Or else simply want to experience Firelands normal or Heroic mode as you did not get the chance?
                                 Don't miss this opportunity!

Character's name:
What are you interested in?
What days can you raid (@ 19:00 until 22:30 server time)?
E-mail address (optional – if you do not give an e-mail address you will be contacted via in-game mail only):
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I know, I know, this website is getting a bit old looking and is very much in need of a new look. If everything goes well, I plan to give it just that over Christmas break :) So - New look coming soon!
Firelands Normal
Firelands Heroic
Dragon Soul Heroic