We, who are against the evil,
are the balancers of nature.
We are the Druids of the Dragons.
We, who are against the evil,
are the balancers of nature.
We are the Druids of the Dragons.
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Guild of Druids.
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We need more to:
Join the
arena team
Dreamsight is currently recruiting more members.   Know a druid that is interested in joining? Let us know! (By ingame whisper or email:    dreamsight@live.com   )

Want to help lead this guild? Your tasks would include recruiting active members and creating guild events and leading them. The more events created and lead => the more guild activity.    ---- Contact Thylenaos  ingame or email:      dreamsight@live.com

  Dont want to lead the guild, but have suggestions?   ----  Post them here    (or email:    dreamsight@live.com   )
July 7th, 2009
Are you interested in raiding with the Dreamsight Guild?
                                   Non-guildies and alts of guildies may also sign up.
Any level 80 person who can be counted on (show up) regarding raiding & has high enough stats to raid can signup.
Please sign up for one (or both) of our raid groups by choosing one of the following groups:
(Mixed Any Class Raiding)
Times and dates: will be discussed among those in the raid group to find the best time and days possible to suit all.
Where: this depends on the expertise of those in the raid group. We might start small at first to see how good the group is.
Summer 2009
To come:
Dreamsight's Druid Guide!!
Go go go Nath!!
(Ive taken out the soon as its taking ages.... we're very sorry about that!)
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31 Oct. 2009
M e r r y   C h r i s t m a s
H a p p y   2 0 1 0 !
M e r r y   C h r i s t m a s
H a p p y   2 0 1 0 !
24th Dec.-Jan. 2010.
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Be notified of up-comming events and Guild news!!
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Where is Thylenaos and is something going to happen to the guild?
Sept. 27, 2009
Thylenaos back: early June

After having to do sometime without     any and all hobbies, Thylenaos is on his way   back…
Now equipped with the best quad-core  HP Pavilion (a beast of a machine for the beastiest of beasties) money can currently buy in the western world, Thylenaos    (who has till now only ever owned desktops) knows how  to make the first -> the best.

Lag and lack of time were the limits of   the past, now –internet connection permitting – Thylenaos is     amongst other things
Ready to rock and raid!

Heheh. It's been way too long. I've missed you guys. Really looking forward to laughing with all of you, and shaping up the guild. ^^ ~Thylenaos

May 22, 2010

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CONGRATULATIONS AND MANY THANKS TO Hashey, Jeau and Evanescent who received the Loyalty and Most Active Award, 500g and 500 guild rep. points!

Congratulations and thanks are also in order for Sweppe (300g), Thesaurus (250g), Geraa (200g) and Bkran (150g) who (also) each received the Loyalty Award and 300 guild rep. points!

Those not mentioned above who were active during my absence have also each received 50-150 guild rep. points (depending on how active they were), and to them also my thanks!

This is a small token of my gratitude (I wish it were more) for keeping Dreamsight alive whilst i was away.

The guild rep. points may be turned into guild points/guild items that will be available in the upcoming expansion, or sooner in the form of some other type of reward (still debating what... if you have any suggestions i'd love to hear them ^^).
July 12, 2010
Sept. 2010
Update 25 sept. 2010: Thy has arrived!! (To england and a gross oven! hehe)

The Worgen are arriving..
The Cenarion Circle is being convinced of the good the Worgen can achieve once under their own mind power again.
I too feel that once their rationality has been restored they no longer will be merciless towards all life: but instead be determined to prove themselves invaluable, and of moral soul, to the Alliance.

We should be ready, for when the time comes, to accept the Worgen amongst us in the Dreamsight guild of Druids.
  To do this we should learn what we can of their brutal pasts.
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7th December 2010
The Cataclysm is here!
Thylenaos has become infected.
He is now known by his fellow Worgen as Lythyllipsus.
Dreamsight is recruiting!
We welcome Druids of all levels and all specs :)

What kind of guild are we?
We are a social guild interested in taking on all types and walks of WoW entertainment ^^
From the all Druid party (think food, fireworks, tonk-wars, mounted and unmounted dueling... and a heck of a lot of dancing Druids!), to PvP, random Achievements, HCs, All-Druid-Raiding, Alt-Raiding, you name it ! If it exists, we can make it into a guild event, and if it doesn't then creativity ftw!

But this ofcourse all depends on having enough members...
So please let me know you if you would like to join by applying here. :D thanks
Mayday: May 1st  2011
Thylenaos is still unwell... Sadly he's in a lot of pain and cannot concentrate much, which means he won't be able to play much (if at all) for a while.

We understand if some of you may want to part ways with Dreamsight, either temporarily, or more permanently. Please send Thylenaos a message to dreamsight@live.com if you want to say goodbye. We shall miss you.

However, if you would like to help Dreamsight, please keep Dreamsight afloat while Thy is away by hosting guild events, using the guild bank, chatting away merrily in guild chat, and (as many of you have been promoted) recruiting nice druids that come your way, or even actively recruiting and advertising! It would be absolutely wonderful if Thylenaos could come back to a guild that is active, happy and alive!

Thylenaos wishes you all the best and hopes to see you all again very soon.
Thylenaos is back!
Though he will have to take it slow as he is still ill, and that includes all his GM responsibilities, he will start to bring this guild back on to its furry feet.
July 7th, 2011
October, 2011